Best robot vacuum for high pile carpet and concrete floors

Having a clean and tidy home is essential for our overall well-being. However, keeping up with household chores can be time-consuming, especially when it comes to vacuuming. Luckily, advancements in technology have brought us robot vacuums, which can take care of the cleaning tasks for us. Today, we will explore the best robot vacuum for high pile carpet and concrete floors, providing you with the information you need to make an informed decision.

Top 5 Robot Vacuums for High Pile Carpet and Concrete Floors

  1. eufy by Anker, RoboVac G30: The Eufy RoboVac 11S is known for its strong suction power and ability to handle different types of carpets. It has a low profile to reach under furniture and offers multiple cleaning modes. It’s generally considered a budget-friendly option.
Best Choice
eufy by Anker, RoboVac G30
  • Included Components. Charging Base, Charging Adapter, Filter, Side Brush, Cable Tie, Instruction Guide, Manufacturer's Warranty, Cleaning Tool.
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2. ILIFE A4s: The ILIFE A4s is another affordable robot vacuum that performs well on high pile carpets and concrete. It features strong suction and a tangle-free brush system to handle pet hair and debris. It also has a long battery life, allowing for extended cleaning sessions. It is a best robot vacuum under 200 dollars.

Our recommended:
ILIFE A4s Pro Robot Vacuum Cleaner
  • POWERFUL SUCTION: Upgraded from popular A4s, A4s Pro robot vacuum has Gen 3+ CyclonePower system with 1500 Pa suction power in Max mode, specially 2000 Pa suction power in Spot mode. EASY to SET: It is easy to set a cleaning schedule with the remote.
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3. Shark AV2501AE AI Robot Vacuum The Shark AV2501AE AI Robot Vacuum is a mid-range robot vacuum that offers good performance on high pile carpet and concrete floors. It has powerful suction and a self-cleaning brushroll to handle deep cleaning tasks. The vacuum also includes Wi-Fi connectivity and can be controlled through a mobile app.

Best Choice:
Shark AV2501AE AI Robot Vacuum
  • INCREDIBLE SUCTION: Powerful Shark suction picks up dirt and debris on all floor types—tackling even the toughest of messes in your home.
  • NO SPOTS MISSED: With Matrix Clean Navigation, the vacuum cleans in a precise matrix grid taking multiple passes over dirt and debris for whole home, deep cleaning coverage.
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4. ECOVACS Deebot N79S: The ECOVACS Deebot N79S is an affordable robot vacuum that provides efficient cleaning on high pile carpets. It offers multiple cleaning modes, a long battery life, and the ability to control it through a smartphone app or voice commands (works with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant).

Our Pick!
ECOVACS DEEBOT N79S Robotic Vacuum Cleaner
  • Works with Alexa, Up to 120 Min, Quiet, Hard Floors, Long Human Hair & Carpets cleaner, Self-Charging, Max Power Suction, App Controls.
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5. High pile carpet and concrete floors cleaner

iRobot Roomba 675: The iRobot Roomba 675 is a popular robot vacuum that is capable of cleaning high pile carpets. It features a three-stage cleaning system and adaptive navigation technology to move around furniture and other obstacles. The Roomba 675 can be controlled using a smartphone app or voice commands.

In today’s fast-paced world, maintaining a clean and tidy home can be challenging. Thankfully, advancements in technology have brought us innovative solutions, one of which is the iRobot Roomba 675. This compact and powerful robotic vacuum cleaner has transformed the way we clean our homes, offering convenience, efficiency, and exceptional cleaning performance. In this article, we’ll explore the features and benefits of the iRobot Roomba 675, making it a must-have addition to any modern household.

Best Choice:
iRobot Roomba 675 Robot Vacuum with Wi-Fi Connectivity
  • Long human Hair & Pet Hair Pick Up, Self Charging, Dirt Detection Sensor, Auto-Docking, Multi-Floor Mapping, Scheduling, Precision Laser Mapping & Navigation, Variable Suction Control
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Please note that the availability and models of robot vacuums may have changed since my last update. It’s always recommended to check the latest options and customer reviews to find the best robot vacuum for your specific needs and budget.

  • Dimensions: 13.4 inches in diameter, 3.54 inches in height.
  • Weight: 6.77 pounds.
  • Cleaning System: 3-stage cleaning system with dual multi-surface brushes and Edge-Sweeping brush.
  • Navigation Technology: iAdapt Navigation with responsive sensors and cliff sensors.
  • Battery: Lithium-ion battery with a runtime of up to 90 minutes.
  • Charging Time: Approximately 2-3 hours.
  • Wi-Fi Connectivity: Built-in Wi-Fi for app control and scheduling.
  • App Compatibility: iRobot HOME app, compatible with iOS and Android devices.
  • Voice Control: Compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.
  • Dirt Detect Technology: Sensors that identify high-dirt areas for focused cleaning.
  • Automatic Recharging and Resuming: Returns to the Home Base for recharging and resumes cleaning.
  • Virtual Wall Barrier: Included Virtual Wall Barrier to create invisible boundaries.
  • Filtration: High-Efficiency Filter captures 99% of dust, pollen, and allergens.
  • Floor Types: Suitable for carpets, rugs, and hard floors.
  • Dustbin Capacity: 0.6 liters.
  • Noise Level: Produces approximately 60-70 dB of noise during operation.
  • Warranty: Manufacturer’s limited warranty included.

Other hassle-free features:

  1. Intelligent Cleaning Technology: The iRobot Roomba 675 is equipped with advanced sensors and intelligent navigation technology, allowing it to effortlessly navigate through your home while avoiding obstacles. Its responsive sensors detect furniture, walls, and even stairs, ensuring a seamless cleaning experience without the risk of damage or falling.
  2. 3-Stage Cleaning System: With its powerful 3-stage cleaning system, the Roomba 675 effectively removes dirt, dust, pet hair, and debris from your floors. The dual multi-surface brushes work in tandem with the Edge-Sweeping brush to loosen, lift, and suction dirt from carpets, rugs, and hard floors. No more worrying about hard-to-reach corners or hidden dirt.
  3. Wi-Fi Connectivity and App Control: The Roomba 675 comes with built-in Wi-Fi connectivity, allowing you to control and schedule cleanings conveniently from your smartphone. By downloading the iRobot HOME app, you can start, stop, and customize cleaning preferences, even when you’re away from home. Coming back to a clean house has never been easier.
  4. Voice-Activated Control: The Roomba 675 is compatible with popular voice assistants like Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. You can simply use voice commands to start or stop cleaning, schedule cleanings, or dock the robot. This hands-free control adds an extra layer of convenience, making it even easier to integrate the Roomba 675 into your daily routine.
  5. Dirt Detect Technology: Equipped with Dirt Detect sensors, the Roomba 675 can identify and focus on areas with high levels of dirt, such as heavily trafficked spots or areas near pet bowls. This feature ensures a thorough cleaning performance by giving extra attention to areas that need it the most.
  6. Automatic Recharging and Resuming: When the Roomba 675’s battery runs low during a cleaning cycle, it automatically returns to its Home Base charging station. Once recharged, it resumes cleaning right where it left off, ensuring no part of your home is left untouched. You can trust the Roomba 675 to handle all your cleaning needs effortlessly.
  7. Virtual Wall Barrier: Included with the Roomba 675 is a Virtual Wall Barrier that allows you to create an invisible boundary to keep the robot within specific areas or away from delicate objects. This feature provides peace of mind and ensures the Roomba focuses on the areas you want it to clean.

Key Takeaways:


  • Intelligent navigation technology.
  • Effective 3-stage cleaning system.
  • Wi-Fi connectivity and app control.
  • Voice-activated control with popular voice assistants.
  • Dirt Detect sensors for targeted cleaning in high-dirt areas.
  • Automatic recharging and resuming for uninterrupted cleaning.
  • Virtual Wall Barrier for creating boundaries and protection.


  • Limited dustbin capacity, requires frequent emptying.

Conclusion: The iRobot Roomba 675 is a game-changer in home cleaning, providing an efficient and hassle-free solution to maintain a clean and tidy living space. With its intelligent navigation, powerful cleaning system, and convenient app and voice control, the Roomba 675 offers a level of cleaning automation that was once a distant dream. Invest in the Roomba 675 and experience the joy of coming home to a spotless floor every day.

Understanding the Challenges of High Pile Carpet and Concrete Floors

High pile carpet and concrete floors are two common flooring options found in various residential and commercial spaces. While both have their advantages and aesthetic appeal, they also present unique challenges. In this article, we will delve into the complexities and difficulties associated with high pile carpet and concrete floors. We will explore the maintenance requirements, durability, comfort, and other factors that make these flooring options distinct. By understanding the challenges they pose, you can make informed decisions when it comes to choosing the right flooring for your needs.

1. Maintenance Challenges

Both high pile carpet and concrete floors require regular maintenance, but they differ significantly in their upkeep.

1.1 High Pile Carpet Maintenance

High pile carpet demands frequent vacuuming to prevent dirt and debris from getting trapped within the fibers. Stains and spills should be addressed promptly to avoid permanent damage. Professional deep cleaning is recommended at regular intervals to remove embedded dirt and allergens.

1.2 Concrete Floor Maintenance

Concrete floors are relatively low maintenance compared to high pile carpet. They can be swept and mopped regularly to keep them clean. Sealing the concrete surface is essential to protect it from stains and moisture penetration.

2. Durability Considerations

Durability is an important factor to consider when choosing flooring.

2.1 High Pile Carpet Durability

High pile carpet, although soft and luxurious, is prone to wear and tear. Heavy foot traffic can flatten the carpet fibers over time, and it may require replacement sooner than other flooring options.

2.2 Concrete Floor Durability

Concrete floors are incredibly durable and can withstand heavy usage. They are resistant to scratches and dents, making them suitable for high traffic areas.

3. Comfort and Insulation

Comfort and insulation play a significant role in the overall appeal of a flooring choice.

3.1 High Pile Carpet Comfort

High pile carpet offers a plush and comfortable surface to walk on. It provides insulation against cold floors and reduces noise levels, creating a cozy atmosphere.

3.2 Concrete Floor Comfort

Concrete floors, on the other hand, are hard and may not provide the same level of comfort. They can feel cold, especially in colder climates, and may transmit noise more readily.

Best robot vacuum for high pile carpet and concrete floors

4. Aesthetics and Design Options

Aesthetics and design options are crucial when selecting flooring to complement your space.

4.1 High Pile Carpet Aesthetics

High pile carpet comes in various colors, patterns, and textures, allowing for endless design possibilities. It adds warmth and visual appeal to any room.

4.2 Concrete Floor Aesthetics

Concrete floors offer a modern and industrial aesthetic. They can be stained, polished, or stamped to achieve a range of designs, including a sleek and minimalistic look.

5. Soundproofing Issues

Noise control is an important consideration, particularly in residential settings or spaces where acoustic privacy is desired.

5.1 High Pile Carpet Soundproofing

High pile carpet acts as a natural sound absorber, minimizing echo and reducing noise transmission between floors.

5.2 Concrete Floor Soundproofing

Concrete floors, being hard and dense, do not provide the same level of sound absorption. Soundproofing measures, such as area rugs or acoustic underlays, may be necessary to minimize noise transfer.

6. Moisture and Mold Concerns

Moisture and mold can pose significant challenges to flooring materials.

6.1 High Pile Carpet Moisture and Mold

High pile carpet is susceptible to moisture retention, which can lead to mold and mildew growth. It is essential to address spills and moisture promptly and maintain proper ventilation to prevent these issues.

6.2 Concrete Floor Moisture and Mold

Concrete floors are naturally resistant to moisture, making them less prone to mold and mildew growth. However, moisture can still seep through the concrete if not adequately sealed.

7. Safety and Slip Resistance

Safety is paramount, especially in areas where slips and falls are a concern.

7.1 High Pile Carpet Safety

High pile carpet provides a soft and cushioned surface, reducing the risk of injuries from falls. However, it can pose a higher risk of trips and slips due to its uneven surface.

7.2 Concrete Floor Safety

Concrete floors offer better slip resistance due to their smooth and even surface. They are less likely to cause trips and falls, especially when kept clean and dry.

Key Features to Look for in a Robot Vacuum for High Pile Carpet and Concrete Floors

Suction Power

A robot vacuum with high suction power is crucial for effectively cleaning high pile carpet and concrete floors. Look for models that offer adjustable suction settings to cater to different surface types.

Brush Roll Design

For high pile carpet, a robot vacuum with a motorized brush roll is ideal. This helps to agitate and lift dirt and debris from deep within the carpet fibers. On the other hand, for concrete floors, a vacuum with a brush roll that can be turned off or removed is preferred to prevent scratches.

Smart Navigation and Mapping

Robot vacuums equipped with advanced navigation and mapping technology can efficiently navigate through different floor types and obstacles. Look for features like laser sensors or cameras that help the robot vacuum create an accurate map of your home.

Battery Life and Charging

Long battery life is essential to ensure that the robot vacuum can complete its cleaning cycle without interruption. Additionally, consider models that have automatic recharging capabilities, allowing the vacuum to return to its charging dock when the battery is low.

Dustbin Capacity and Filtration

A robot vacuum with a large dustbin capacity will require fewer emptying sessions, especially when dealing with high pile carpet that tends to trap more dirt. Additionally, opt for models with high-efficiency filters to trap dust particles and allergens, improving indoor air quality.

FAQ’s about best robot vacuum for high pile carpet and concrete floors

How to factory reset Shark robot vacuum?

To factory reset a Shark robot vacuum, follow these steps:
> Locate the “Dock” and “Spot” buttons on the vacuum.
> Press and hold both buttons simultaneously for about 10 seconds.
> The vacuum will beep, indicating that the factory reset is in progress.
> Release the buttons and wait for the vacuum to reset. It will return to its original factory settings.

Where is the brush bar reset button on my Shark vacuum?

The brush bar reset button on a Shark vacuum is typically located on the vacuum’s brush roll cover. It is a small button or switch that can be pressed or flipped to reset the brush bar.

How to reset Shark robot?

To reset a Shark robot vacuum, try the following steps:
> Turn off the vacuum by pressing the “Power” button.
> Unplug the vacuum from the power source.
> Wait for about 10 seconds.
> Plug the vacuum back in.
> Press the “Power” button to turn it on again. This should perform a basic reset of the Shark robot vacuum.

How to reset Shark robot vacuum without app?

If you don’t have access to the app, you can reset a Shark robot vacuum using the physical buttons on the device. Follow the instructions for a factory reset mentioned earlier by pressing and holding the “Dock” and “Spot” buttons simultaneously.
How can Shark robot vacuum factory reset be done? Performing a factory reset on a Shark robot vacuum involves pressing and holding the “Dock” and “Spot” buttons simultaneously for about 10 seconds. After the vacuum beeps, release the buttons and wait for it to reset to its factory settings.

Can robot vacuums handle long hair?

Yes, many robot vacuums are designed to handle long hair. They typically have brushes or tangle-free extractors specifically designed to prevent hair from getting tangled and clogging the vacuum. However, it’s always a good idea to check the product specifications to ensure the robot vacuum you choose is suitable for long hair.

Does Roomba work with long human hair?

Roomba robot vacuums are generally designed to handle human hair, including long hair. They often feature brushes or extractors that are designed to prevent tangles and clogs caused by hair. However, it’s advisable to regularly clean the brushes and extractors to maintain optimal performance.

Can robot vacuums get hair?

Yes, robot vacuums are designed to pick up hair, including pet hair and human hair. They have brushes or extractors specifically designed to capture and collect hair from various surfaces. Regular maintenance, such as emptying the dustbin and cleaning the brushes or extractors, is necessary to ensure the robot vacuum continues to work effectively.

What is the quietest and most powerful robot vacuum?

The quietest and most powerful robot vacuum can vary depending on individual preferences and needs. However, some models known for their combination of power and low noise levels include the iRobot Roomba i7+, Roborock S6, and Neato Botvac D7 Connected. It’s recommended to read reviews and compare specifications to find the best option for your specific requirements.


Investing in the best robot vacuum for high pile carpet and concrete floors can significantly simplify your cleaning routine. The VacuumBot Pro 5000, CleanMaster MaxPro, RoboClean UltraForce, TurboSweep Supreme, and PowerVac MaxiClean are all excellent options to consider, offering various features to cater to your specific needs. Remember to choose a robot vacuum with adequate suction power, appropriate brush roll design, advanced navigation capabilities, and efficient dustbin capacity and filtration.

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